Abz 2019
Self-made: DIY- zines and Artists books  
Cut, Copy & Paste

Zines/Artist books are accessible, simple ways to send information.

This year we have also decided to go back to our first model - "small / intimate " — We moving Abz to Gellerup , our long time collaborator Andromeda 8220 will host us — You can expect Workshops popping up and we will hold a Zine Bazaar - At its heart a bazaar is a space for celebration with its different sights, scenes, colours, people, and the exchange of thoughts and ideas, The zine bazaar is a space for collaboration and this is, what we want to share with you winter 2019.

The Future is Inclusive.

Our vision for the Future is Inclusive.
Come share your vision with us.

Abz crew!